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Associate Professor of Art History, Michigan State University

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New Article in RCL journal, issue 57: Decolonizing Visualities

Publications / May 18, 2023

Beyond Surface Matters: Unsettling Views of a Western American Landscape Photographer Glenn Rand’s (b. 1944, USA) Nevada 1979 features a passing car on Interstate 80, an industrial site, and the Humboldt River Valley in Eureka County. This place appears through laconic title to be at once particular to a settler nation, history, and poetic imagination, as well as revelatory of no place at all. Rand’s random western road trip offered him an opportunity to raise awareness of vision through kinesthetic sensation. Amongmany of his artistic peers, a photograph’s location was an arbitrary departure point for exploring surface matters. This paper redirects the attention on the artist’s formalist concerns to investigate …..

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