Blue Canyon Rug

Handwoven rug in the Blue Canyon style.

Handwoven wool rug (29" wide x 44" long) with a tassel of white cord at each corner. Predominant colors are gray, brown, red, and white. Wool is commercially dyed. There is a diagonal element across the center of the rug. The top of the rug is in the Diamond pattern, with clouds and stairstep design, and a center diamond, similar to Ganado style rugs, but without the red.  Below the diagonal break is a Storm Pattern design, in the traditional colors for a Storm Pattern.  

Cultural Narrative: 

Dr. Robert Uphaus (donor) recalls that the rug was purchased from Blair's Trading Post in Page, Arizona.

Location Description: 

Blair's Trading Post, Page, Arizona - the place where the rug was purchased

Original Date: 
2019 April 25th
Original Date Description: 
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